Senior Delivery Team

Andrew Lynne

Andrew Lynne

Construction Manager

Andrew has a proven track record delivering construction projects across multiple sectors with experience in Airport, Commercial and Accommodation projects.

He brings to his role over 20 years of experience in the construction and development industry working on major developments across NSW totaling over $850 million dollars in construction costs.

He has experience across the contractor and client side, working for ADCO Constructions and property developer, Walker Corporation.

His client focused approach, attention to detail and astute commercial acumen ensures projects are delivered to the highest standard while maintaining the clients objectives.

Jason Termytelen

Jason Termytelen

Design / Senior Project Manager

Jason is responsible for overseeing and managing all aspects of construction and is responsible for all pre construction planning and design of projects including resource allocation, value engineering, design management, staff management, setting of benchmarks and project methodology to ensure its successful delivery.

He brings to his role more than 28 years construction industry experience, with his hand-on experience across a wide range of projects across all sectors of the industry with a track record in Commercial, Aged Care, Clubs and Education.

He has worked for several major construction firms including Multiplex, Taylor, Paynter Dixon and Kell & Rigby. An effective communicator, Jason has strong organisational, leadership and risk management skills and is able to lead, manage and motivate his team to deliver the best results for all stakeholders.

Andrew Gleeson

Andrew Gleeson

Senior Project Manager

Andrew has extensive experience in the delivery of large scale projects having successfully delivered Aged Care, Health, Education and Government projects. He has experience across the contractor and client side, working for a large Tier 2 construction company for 8 years and as the Head of Construction for Anglicare NSW, where he delivered over $450 million of portfolio projects.

He brings to his role proven skills in project planning, scheduling, contractor management, risk assessment, budgeting, change management and project control. He has a proven track record of meeting client needs and exceeding their expectations by successfully completing projects ahead of schedule.

Andrew is an effective communicator and a productive team leader, who is able to develop strong relationships with all project stakeholders. He plays a pivotal role in planning and managing all stages of project delivery from scope development and design management, procurement and construction, budgeting and project control

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